Skills and courage

The world we live in is all about skills and courage…… the more you act with courage to learn new skills the easier it becomes to change your life.

So I teach people how to always ask How……….Never Why. Why leads to the problem and can even increase the pressure of the problem.

How is about finding a solution, leading to better health. In my experience this can only be done with skills and courage.

These blogs are for you if you want to change your life and to join me in asking how.

You can expect anything and everything to do with healing and natural health.

For the last 30 years I have breathed, worked, lived and slept natural health and ways of healing.

Whenever I hear or read something about someone with a physical or mental health issue I wonder “would natural health methods help lessen or resolve that issue” –– and the answer is invariably YES.

We are self-healing organisms wonderfully made and programmed to design, create and act.

We also carry a lot of baggage––some of which we know and some of which is unknown to us.

Science is only just starting to verify a lot of what naturopaths have been saying and teaching for years.

  • What and how much you eat does matter
  • What and how much you drink does matter
  • What you think does matter
  • And what you believe does matter ……..and may not be true

The problem is, if you don’t have the skill to know what to do, nothing will change in your health or your happiness from where you are right now.

If you want change you must learn new skills.

My passion and my goal is to teach you those skills.

The name of your disease doesn’t matter, how much pain you are in doesn’t matter–(besides the fact it hurts) what matters is for you to start asking yourself––

  • How can I change this situation……..
  • How can I become healthy…….
  • How can I become happy……

These are the questions to ask if you want to find the answers.

By the way when you ask these questions be wary of any answers you get that would lead to you harming yourself or anyone else.

That isn’t the real you speaking.

There may be voices in your head, an inner critic or inner judge whose goal is to make you feel like you have done wrong and should be punished.

Often the voices become louder and louder when you don’t know what to do about them. And they can even take over your life if you allow them to.

It doesn’t mean you are crazy to have these voices. It just means they are there and are directing you into ways of self-harm rather than health.

One of the most important steps to learn and it is a skill in itself is to learn how to identify the voice, know where they are coming from and how to let them go.

The first step is to know you have the courage within you that once activated will enable you to find the tools to have a clear head without any voices and a calm brain.

This will enable you to get closer and closer to being the real you.

As you learn more and more about the real you, I guarantee you’ll come to Believe with every part of you that you have the right to be healthy and to be happy.

And you can do it without hurting anyone else.

  • What do you believe………………..?
  • Are you in pain and don’t know what to do………..?
  • Do you have a symptom or a condition and don’t know what to do…………..?

Ask. Always How…… Never why …………..

Your questions and comments are welcome.