How to Read What Your Body Needs

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Knowing how to choose the right foods to keep your body healthy will change the way you look and feel about food.

This online course will teach you what foods are right for you and what foods are creating negative reactions in your body.


  • Are you CONFUSED by all the conflicting diet books and what foods to eat?
  • Getting TIRED of all the so-called Superfood Ads?
  • Or WONDERING if you will ever get the health and energy you want?

This online program puts you in charge of choosing the food that best suits your body.

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How to read what your body needs:

Learning to read your body is the key to knowing what works or doesn’t work for you as an individual – and I believe is the simplest way for you to tell which foods are right for you.

For this reason, acclaimed spiritual teacher Susan Kennedy has created a program to teach you how to tell from your own internal reactions whether a food is really suitable for you.


Foods can be categorised as:

  • Energy Positive
  • Energy Negative
  • Energy Neutral

Energy Positive foods are foods that give your body more energy than they take to digest – these in the main are plain foods – fresh LOCAL fish, free range eggs, brown rice, vegetables, some fruits, seeds, cold pressed oils, herbs and salads. And if you have a healthy digestive system clean meats.

Energy Negative foods are foods your body is affected by in any of 3 ways:

  • Your body is Sensitive to them
  • Your body is Intolerant of them
  • Your body is Allergic to them

This can sometimes include so-called healthy foods like garlic and onion and even honey. In fact, any food can be an energy negative food when your body and digestive system is compromised and cannot do its digestive work efficiently.

Energy Neutral foods add fibre and bulk and assist your body in other ways.  They also take as much energy to be digested as they give to the body.  They are sometimes foods.

We are all biochemically different and what affects you may be perfectly ok for someone else.  

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