Mental Health Issues

Mental Health Issues

Health and True Happiness

How to overcome PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Tiredness and Fatigue? Naturally!

Mental Health Issues

Did you know that Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and other Mental Health Issues are really brain issues originating elsewhere in the body?

Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder have their origins in biochemical individuality and are due to genetic pathways being weak from conception and the womb.

This leads to some people being unable to clear toxic poisons from their brain effectively. And these poisons are stress poisons.

Have a look at the work of Abram Hoffer to understand this in more detail. A highly awarded and compassionate Psychiatrist, who was head of the Canadian Schizophrenic Society for many years, Hoffer proved over and over again these conditions can be cured if treated with natural therapies early enough.

Treatment with the right combination of Natural Therapies early enough has shown up to a 90% success rate. Mostly without the need for ongoing drug therapy.

And that is exactly the same for you. If you want to be a winner in your fight to overcome PTSD, Anxiety and Depression asking the right questions to find the right answers will do you a lot better than blindly following systems which don’t and never have worked.

Likewise any tiredness or Fatigue you suffer from, has a real cause and a real solution no matter what your Doctor or your blood test may say. It isn’t all in your head.


And can we have an honest discussion about happiness?

True Happiness

Life is about learning and growing.

Nothing you are addicted to, whether drugs, sex, relationships, having your own way or being a doormat can ever give you True Happiness.

Especially not if you are walking on eggshells and trying to make someone else happy.

True happiness comes when you know yourself, learn to love yourself and learn to stand up for yourself.

I believe part of the reason for your existence on earth is just that, know yourself and stand up for yourself.

You are here to learn and grow. You are special and unique. Even if you have never been told so and don’t know it yet. There has never been anyone else on this earth exactly like you and there never will be.

Anyone who has experienced Deep Spiritual Hypnotherapy can back me up.

The real reasons why we get sick and don’t always speak up for ourselves or do the right thing are buried there in the subconscious. There are answers and they are available. They just are not in your consciousness yet.

When you don’t have full consciousness of what is happening within yourself it is especially difficult to know what you are fighting and how to do anything at all about what you are going through.

Remember you aren’t here to be controlled by anyone or anything else.

You especially aren’t here to give away your power to your Parents or any Guru, Master, Group or Religion.

As you learn and grow you will find it easy to give up old beliefs that no longer serve you. It is these old beliefs which are keeping you stuck in unhappiness.

Free Will

Free Will means just that, you are free to use your will to live your life any way you choose. Hopefully, you will choose honesty, courage, humility and peace. And find true happiness.

Love to hear from you – and wishing you a great life.

Happy to answer any questions,