How naturopathy can help you

This is about you.

This is about Your Health and Your Happiness.

You have probably asked yourself the question:

“How can Naturopathy or a Naturopath help me?

I have (…insert condition…)


I have been diagnosed with (…insert name of disease…) and medically they say I have to take X, Y or Z for the rest of my life.


I’ve never felt well for years.

Ever since;

● I had Glandular fever

● I had a child

● I fell

● I was in hospital

● My marriage broke up

And everyone I have been to says,” ‘I just have to live with it’ or even worse, ‘I can’t find anything wrong, it must be all in your head.’

That’s usually when people start looking for another way and one way I highly recommend is to find a good Naturopath. One who has experience and knows what they are doing.

A good Naturopath will have access to proven Analysis Systems. They will educate you as they treat you, discuss your diet and habits and lifestyle with you, enquire about your past health and medical history and spend time with you as they work out what can be done to assist you.

A good Naturopath will ensure all things are taken into account. All of your past experiences will be considered valuable to know as part of the picture of your ongoing health.

A good Naturopath will recognise what has a purely physical cause and treat accordingly and they will recognise what has an emotional cause and treat accordingly.

Knowing there is a difference, and that different causes will respond better to different treatments.

A good Naturopath will treat you with respect and give you the time you need to tell your story.

Nothing will be assumed and using whatever analytical methods they have at their disposal, they will focus on the major areas of disorder within your body rather than just the symptoms you are experiencing.

Naturopathy isn’t about symptoms; it also isn’t about the name of your disease.

It is about you and what can be done to address the cause of any symptoms you may have.

For instance as a Naturopath, I’m not permitted to treat Arthritis, (and I don’t.)

I do however, treat the underlying causes of any pain, inflammation or joint soreness you may have in your body.

I do this by using natural methods such as;

● The right food

● The right balance of minerals

● The right amount of clean water

● Clearing any emotional blockages

● The right essential enzymes so your body has all the support it needs to heal itself


For instance, you might be hanging onto a belief that you will always be in pain and it is just something you have to learn to live with and put up with.

After all, your mother and your grandmother both suffered with it, so you end up with a built in expectation that you will have to suffer too.

These beliefs have been known to hold back healing.

Remember: your body is a natural self-healing energy.

When you were a child and fell down, you healed quickly. As you aged, healing is slower but you are still able to heal.

Your healing energy may be less but boosting that energy with more of the right nutrients found in healthier food and adding the right supplements to help the healing elements within your body brings quick relief as every cell is supported more effectively.

Unfortunately, Doctors and Specialists aren’t trained in nutrition they are trained in medication and surgery. So if your real problem is lack of healing energy they wont have the answers you need.

Naturopaths, however, are trained in nutrition, molecular nutrition and natural healing.

Naturopaths care for your Physical health, your Mental health, your Emotional health, and your Spiritual health.

We know that to neglect any part of you will result in less than optimal health.

Overtime, lack of the correct nutrition and the right enzymes will lead to your body breaking down at its genetically weakest part.

Doesn’t it make sense then to consider working with a Naturopath as something to do regularly rather than as a last resort?

Now the biggest question of all,

Are you ready to change?

To get you started would you like a free strategy call to find out what you can do naturopathically to improve your health?

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