Always how, never why.

As a Naturopath and Specialised Hypnotherapist, I have a passion to help people who are struggling with their health–

Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual health.

My focus now more than ever is to help anyone affected by Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Tiredness or Fatigue.

Having come from a family of loving parents who had been through their own terrible traumas it was normal to live with trauma in my life without thinking too deeply about it until I became a Therapist in my late 30’s.

What I have come to realise though is the damage living with trauma does. And the cost of not learning the skills to defeat the nightmares and residues left over from the inability to deal with what has happened.

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The 3 Things Your Doctor Will Never Tell You About PTSD, Anxiety & Depression

The skills I have learnt over the last 30+ years has given me deep insight into the causes of these conditions and more particularly what can be done to overcome them.

Natural Therapies do that job much better than drugs in nearly every case provided you follow a customised proven plan created for the individual you.

The moment I became involved with Natural Health everything just felt right. Sitting in an audience of enquiring students I was captured by the words and understanding of Bob Lucy a Sydney Chiropractor as he presented evidence after evidence of the power of Natural Therapies to overcome health conditions I had often wondered about.

Image Photo Bob Lucy or Audience

When he talked about natural ways of overcoming physical and mental health conditions I was confused, as I had never heard this explained in this way before.

“ Why wasn’t this known, how come I had never been taught or learnt this was possible? Is he telling the truth? Can I learn more?”

Were just some of the thoughts going through my head.

I immediately signed up to learn more and over the years have been excited and excited at the changes I have assisted my clients to make.

Physical and Mental conditions which are seen as medically incurable have been lessened and often cured following principles of Natural Health similar to what Bob Lucy spoke about on that day.

Since that day in 1984 when I first heard Bob Lucy speak I have totally changed my life and my health around.

Now in my 60’s my mind is still very inquiring and always imagining ways in which people’s health and well being can be improved.

My own health was average at best before I found natural health methods that worked for me.

I was overweight had chest and muscle pain and two lots of hemorrhoids and felt bouts of tiredness for what seemed like no reason.

Of course I had just come out of 4+ years of owning a deli where I ate and drink whatever I liked and I liked a lot.

So I know firsthand what it feels like to be unwell.

I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t changed my diet and taken supportive supplements I would be dead by now.

Now I look forward to every day and love the opportunity to help you and others like you turn your lives around.

I feel blessed for every day I have been able to help my clients.

The more I help others the less pain there is in the world and the better I feel.

I love to hear people’s stories (even the sad and terrible ones) because I know by telling your story you will eventually find the answer and let the pain go.

The same way I did as I cleared my own hurt and pain from many years before.

One of the most important things I teach my clients is to focus on:

“Always How, Never Why!”

Focus and ask how can I………………

Rather than why did this………………

Just making that adjustment in thinking can change your life.

Always how, never why.

How are you currently dealing with your health issues?

Would you like to learn how Natural Therapies can help you overcome Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Tiredness and Fatigue?

Happy to answer any questions


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The 3 Things Your Doctor Will Never Tell You About PTSD, Anxiety & Depression

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